pyfarm.models.pathmap module

Path Map Model

Model for path maps, allowing for OS-dependent mapping of path prefixes to other path prefixes.

class pyfarm.models.pathmap.PathMap(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: flask_sqlalchemy.Model, pyfarm.models.core.mixins.ReprMixin, pyfarm.models.core.mixins.UtilityMixins

Defines a table which is used for cross-platform file path mappings.


Provides an id for the current row. This value should never be directly relied upon and it’s intended for use by relationships.


The path on linux platforms


The path on Mac OS X platforms


The path on Windows platforms


Relationship attribute for the tag this path map applies to.


The tag an agent needs to have for this path map to apply to it. If this is NULL, this path map applies to all agents, but is overridden by applying path maps that do specify a tag.