This document is a draft


This document covers the basic requirements for installation and operation of PyFarm. These are the requirements to run PyFarm itself regardless of the service being executed. These requirements do not cover the software PyFarm may be executing or the infrastructure required.


  • Python Depending on the module being used, different versions of Python may be supported. Eventually Python 2.5 support will be dropped however this likely will not happen until Python 3.0 support is added. In any case, notice will be provided well in advance of a release if any of the below changes.

    Module Specific Python Version Support
    Module Python Version
    pyfarm.core 2.6-3.3+
    pyfarm.master 2.7-3.3+
    pyfarm.agent 2.6-2.7
  • Operation System Linux, Mac, and Windows. Some features may be limited on disabled on certain platforms.

  • Memory 64MB of memory, more may be required to run some components

  • Storage 128MB of disk space


PyFarm stores a large amount of the information it needs to operate in a relational database. Cross database support is provided by SQLAlchemy, for more information on supported databases see this document.


There’s not currently a requirements.txt file associated with this project because of the differences in dependencies between Python versions. PyFarm however can still be installed into a virtual environment using pip::

pip install -e . --egg

By doing this you pip will download and install all the necessary requirements for your specific Python version and platform.

Supported Software (Job Types)

PyFarm 1.0.0 provides several job types out of the box. Each of these software packages will have their own requirements as well so please visit the manufacturers website for more information.

  • Maya
  • Houdini
  • Nuke

If you wish to request a new builtin type or check the integration status of one checkout their tickets on github